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Celebrating every little moment. Milestones in Photographs with Belle Threads

Posted by Jessica Lugo on

Our little ones are only little for so long. Make sure to celebrate those milestones every single moment you get. Here is a guide for making sure those moments don't slip by. 

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7 Simple Birthday Traditions

Posted by Tannia Ospina on

  Every birthday should have special details that make them memorable. We have thought of a few simple birthday traditions that you can start with your little ones and continue through the years! Here at Belle Threads we want to help you create the most memorable birthday for your little one, every single year!  1.  Wake up your little one in a special way with birthday balloons in their room or by singing happy birthday to them! 2.  Write an email or letter to your child remembering this year that has passed.  Discuss some of your favorite memories, milestones and first moments. 3.  In...

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