Belle Thread Reads: Entrepreneur

Belle Thread Reads: Entrepreneur 


Every month Belle Threads will be recommending our favorite books for kids. This month we are discussing kids picture books that are perfect for motivating your budding Entrepreneur kiddo. 


  • The Best Thing Ella Ever Did
  • Bug Writes a Book 
  • JT's Big Plan
  • How to Sell a Rock
  • I am a Mini Entrepreneur
  • Jasmine Launches a Start Up 
  • Be a Maker
en·tre·pre·neur noun
a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses.


 The Best Thing Ella Ever Did 

Written and Illustrated by Latina cousins + Mom's -  Shavon Ortiz & Jessica Lugo. This story is a motivating tale about never giving up on your dreams, and working hard to accomplish your business goals at any age. 

Ella has a really big dream! But with so many obstacles in the way, will she ever make her dream come true? She believes her failures are an opportunity to do better the next time, but will she become discouraged after so many failed attempts? Will Ella have the perseverance needed to become a successful entrepreneur?

 Get your copy here: The Best Thing Ella Ever Did


Bug Writes a Book 

Written by author, publisher and publishing coach: Juanita N. Woodson. She currently lives in the Atlanta, GA area with her family. Juanita is the owner of Grace 4 Purpose, Publishing Co. LLC. where she assists writers/authors with writing and publishing their books. This story is about Bug who loves to write stories and wanted to share that gift with others. She takes her friends through the beginning steps to writing and publishing their own creative books. 

Get your copy here: Bug Writes a Book


JT's Big Plan

Written by Tamara Prather -  JT, a young boy, sees an opportunity and acts on it. This book takes you on a journey through the entrepreneur mind of JT. 

Get your copy here:  JT's Big Plan


How to Sell a Rock

Written by J.K. Coy - Sebastian decides he won't take no for an answer once he learns he can make the money himself - even as a child. When a scrappy little kidpreneur needs money for a skateboard, he's going to have to learn how to turn his neighbor’s no's into yeses if he wants to get rich selling rocks

Get your copy here: How to Sell a Rock


I am a Mini Entrepreneur

Written by Dr. Tori Ellis & Danielle Corbin - The stories portrayed in the ‘I Am A Mini Entrepreneur’ series are soft reflections of different events and many different entrepreneurs that have had an impact on the lives of the Authors. Payton and Pals are here to focus on different aspects of education for the youth to thrive off of and learn special skills from. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) are the main concepts children can find access to within these amazing stories and educational tools. Showing children and students around the world that they can build their own business, learn special trades, build on wellness and improve on different concepts to be the best version of themselves all while practicing self-love and self-care.

Get your copy here: I am a Mini Entrepreneur

Jasmine Launches a Start Up 

Written by Author Bachar Karroum - this story is sure to spark curiosity and arouse your little one’s leadership skills. Inspire your future entrepreneur to follow its passion and introduce him or her to the world of entrepreneurship with the story of Jasmine. The first perfect business book to share with your child to ignite interest in starting a business or launching a start-up.

Get your copy here: Jasmine Launches a Start Up 


Be a Maker

 A former physical therapist, Katey Howes now divides her time between writing award-winning stories, raising kids with a love of books, and contributing to parenting, literacy and STEM websites.

How many things can you make in a day? A tower, a friend, a change? Rhyme, repetition, and a few seemingly straightforward questions engage young readers in a discussion about the many things we make―and the ways we can make a difference in the world. This simple, layered story celebrates creativity through beautiful rhyming verse and vibrant illustrations with a timely message.

Get your copy here: Be a Maker


Visit next month for a new list of recommendations. 

Belle Threads will be continuing this blog monthly. Please comment with your favorite book recommendations, story theme ideas you would like to see next and/or your reviews of the books we have recommended. We truly hope your budding entrepreneurs love the books we recommended. 

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  • This list is so great. Can’t wait to read them all to my daughter. She will love them.


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