Celebrating every little moment. Milestones in Photographs with Belle Threads

Our little ones are only little for so long. Make sure to celebrate those milestones every single moment you get. 

Here is a guide for making sure those moments don't slip by. 

Cake Smash

Newborn Photos

Is there anything more precious than a teeny baby?

The new baby smell is intoxicating, those tiny fingers and tiny toes. Take advantage of that first month and make sure to capture your little one because you will want to remember this darling stage later when they are toddlering around the house and more than likely driving you a little nuts.

Whether you hire a photographer for photos or snap some yourself, make sure to get an outfit that is: 

  1. Accessible:
    You will want an outfit that is easy to get on and off a newborn baby. 
  2. High quality:
    Make sure your outfit is high quality. Many parents love to save the newborn photo outfits for memory boxes later. 
  3. Variety:
    Your newborn photoshoot theme is special to you so make sure the outfit fits into whatever theme you choose. 

At Belle Threads we have any outfit you can imagine for a newborn photoshoot. Rompers, Lace, Baby Wraps, even accessories to go with your outfit too. 


Cake Smash

Cake Smash Sessions are SO MUCH FUN. 

If it is baby's first sweets you never quite know how they will react. Will they devour the cake and make a huge mess? Will they cry and hate the feel of the cake? Who knows. But either way its going to be a moment you'll want to freeze in time and remember. 

Tips for cake smash success: 



  1. Be ready for a mess
    Don't worry about the mess Mom! This only happens once you can worry about the mess later. 

  2. Ditch the highchair: 
    A good mess is exactly what a smash cake session is about so let the baby roam free, plot a yummy cake in front of them and let them go at it.

  3. Think about your theme:
    You'll want the cake, outfit, props and background to mesh well together so make sure you think of your theme and pick things that compliment each other, even the yummy frosting. 

  4. Take them before the party: 
    You don't want to rush the shoot or have to worry about hosting friends and family on the day of the cake smash session. Schedule your session on a day before your party and you can decorate with adorable photos of baby's first cake smash. 

At Belle Threads we have every cake smash theme you can think of: Princesses, Holidays, Mermaids, Unicorns and more. 


Throughout the years your little one will have many holidays. Make sure to document those sweet traditions you share with your family each year. 


Tips for sweet holiday memories: 
  1. Themed Props:
    Whatever holiday you are photographing make sure to use some props to set your scene: Garland for Christmas, Candy Hearts for Valentines, and Pumpkins for Halloween. 

  2. Holidays:
    Usually there are a few people capture but some holidays aren't captured on camera. Make sure to get at least one snap of your kiddo during these fun holidays: Christmas, New Years Eve, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Thanksgiving, and any other celebrations inbetween. You will not want to miss a moment.  

You can shop for every holiday year round at Belle Threads and if you are running a little close to your milestone event you can order rush shipping for any item too. 


Whether your little one is the flower girl, the daughter of the bride or just a fancy guest to the special occasion you will definitely want to capture the moment.  

Some pictures you'll want to make sure you get: 

  1. Newborn on Brides Dress: 
    This sweet moment of baby on the wedding dress is unique and a photo that will be loved forever. 

  2. Candid Moments: 
    Your photographer will likely have lots of staged photos to shoot to make sure to grab everyone in your wedding party. Make sure to ask for candid photos of the kids at the wedding. There are so many adorable moments you can capture from afar, sweet hugs, stolen kisses, giggles and even some goofy faces too. 

Our wedding selection has dresses for newborns, babies, toddlers, children and even big kids too. Every color option you can imagine to go with your event perfectly. 

 We hope these tips help you to capture the sweetest, silliest and simply the best moments of your little ones milestones.

Make sure to share your photos with us so we can celebrate with you! Tag us in your photos shared on Instagram and Facebook wearing any of our items for those moments so we can stop by and say Congratulations & Thank You for supporting small businesses like ours. 

Do you have any tips for milestone photos you'd like to share with us? Make sure to comment them below. 

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