I got so offended the other day....

A customer call us the other day to help her order a dress online and to ask us where the business was located and where we shipped from.  She was the sweetest grammie shopping for her granddaughter's special Valentine's Day dress.  I spoke to her for a while because we had a lot in common as she was also a boutique owner.  I couldn't believe I was so offended when she asked me if our business was overseas!  I know she didn't mean any harm and she didn't intend to offend me but I guess a few things triggered me...

1) We are one of the very few dress companies left in the United States.  One of the very few that makes beautiful dresses handmade from scratch here in our country. It makes me so sad to say that but it's the truth.  I wish there were more businesses like ours that were still making our clothing in the United States.

2) The business operations of a handmade business is so difficult and I can't believe people don't know that about us.  It made me feel like why don't I talk about this more.  I need to talk about this more! I would love to help more moms get their handmade businesses started!

She was not to blame... I really don't talk about this enough.  I don't talk about what makes us so unique.  Why would she know we are in New Jersey and we cut, sew, pick out every fabric ourselves?  Why would she know we've dressed thousands of little girls in our beautiful pieces for almost 10 years!  It's our story to tell. I have to tell more of our personal story and beginnings.  I started this brand and learned how to sew because I wanted to make a special outfit for my first daughter's first birthday.  My love language has always been making things and I wanted my little girl to wear a dress I had lovingly made for her.  I've always been worried about not getting so personal but it's important for our customers to know the beautiful clothing you order for your daughter is still lovingly made by moms in New Jersey.

Belle Threads is a beautiful handmade in the US business and I really want everyone to know that.  I hope our customers feel the love in every single thread and stitch of our Belle Threads clothing. I hope one day when I sell this business that the new owner will keep it in the United States and continue our values and mission to create the most beautiful dresses for little girls ethically in the United States by moms for moms who love their little girls oh so much and just want to create beautiful memories with them. I hope our customers feel the love in every single thread and stitch of our Belle Threads clothing.



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