Why SOLID Neon Swim Suits Are A Safe Choice 

Swimsuit season is quickly approaching and we want to make sure they are super cute but also super visible!

Whether you buy OUR NEON SWIMSUITS or another brand's swimsuits make sure you have a neon bright solid swimsuit for your girl this summer! It is recommended to choose brightly colored or neons for swim visibility and safety. Research shows (SEE PHOTOS BELOW) that bright neon colors are much easier to spot under water especially when swimming in oceans or lakes.

Not only are these swimsuits a safe choice but they also double as leotards so they can be used for dance, cheer and gymnastics classes too!  We love making sure moms have multiple uses.

Make sure your little one stands out in style and safety this swimsuit season! Opting for neon swimsuits can not only make a fashion statement but also increase visibility in the water, which is crucial for safety. Whether you choose neon swimsuits from our collection or from another brand, ensure your girl rocks a bright solid color to make a splash this summer. Research suggests that neon colors are much easier to spot under water, making them a smart choice for swimming in oceans or lakes. So, get ready to make a statement with vibrant neon swimsuits that keeps your girl both stylish and safe!  It is a smart choice!


Choose fun neon colored suits/trunks for your kids this summer! Bright colors not only add a fun pop to their swimsuits but also make them stand out in the water, ensuring they are easily seen by lifeguards or parents watching from the shore. So, let your kids make a splash in style and safety with vibrant neon swimwear this season!


Encourage your little ones to make a stylish statement at the beach or pool with neon-colored suits or trunks this summer! These lively hues will not only give their swimwear a playful and energetic touch but will also enhance their visibility in the water, making it easier for lifeguards or parents to keep an eye on them. Let your kids dive into the fun and stay safe in the sun by rocking these eye-catching neon swimwear pieces.

Get ready for your children to make waves in both fashion and safety this season!

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