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  • Quarantined? How to keep your kids busy at home when boredom sets in.

    Quarantined? How to keep your kids busy at home. 
    Online resources, fun games to play and ideas when you are looking for more things to do at home!
    We are doing our best to stay positive and provide our followers with useful information and help each other out as much as we can.  This month has brought us several new words we may never have used in sentences and situations we may never have imagined to be in before.  Words we have come to use in our everyday language like Pandemic, Flattening the Curve and Quarantine.  Many of us across the world are dealing with something we've only read about in history and fiction books.  Along with learning how to cope with closures, we are all on some sort of quarantine, whether that means for you a complete lock down or at the moment kids being off of school for several weeks.  It is important during this time to not panic, follow instructions from our government and those tasked with keeping all of us safe as a community and ensure we ourselves are keeping positive. 
    In light of all of this we have done some research for you and your kiddos so that you can have something to do during this downtime.  We are including resources for those who are now undertaking digital schooling, printable games and coloring pages, ideas for keeping everyone busy and happy during quarantine. We hope you find these helpful and if you have any other links or resources please make sure to drop them below and share in the comments below!