10 Birthday Traditions For Little Girls

Birthdays are so special.  I remember as a little girl in the 80's my mom would scour NYC and North Jersey party places to make me the most lavish birthday toppers for my birthday cake.  If it was a princess theme one year it was adorned with bows, trims, porcellain princess dolls and so much more.  It was over the top!  My birthday outfit was frilly and sweet and I loved it.  You can just imagine that right.  That's always been my mom's love language and birthdays were always a big deal for us.  Now as a mom of 3 they are still a big deal for me and I want my kids to feel special and look forward to their birthdays.  

Birthdays are a special occasion that every child looks forward to. For little girls, it should be a day of celebrating you.  It should be a day filled with excitement, joy, wonder and love. It's a day where they feel extra extra special, loved and so beautiful. One way to make a birthday memorable for little girls is by creating traditions that they can look forward to every year.

Here are ten traditions for celebrating birthdays for your special girl.  

  1. Birthday Outfit because you love to dress her up.  Little girls love to dress up too and what better occasion to do so than a birthday? You can make it a tradition to buy a new special outfit for your little girl every year on her birthday.  I think we can help you with that!
  2. Birthday Photo Shoot: Take a birthday photo shoot every year, starting from the beloved first birthday. You can make it a tradition to take photos for her birthday memorializing any special theme she loves and creating a beautiful collection of birthday memories.
  3. Balloon surprise: Surprise your little girl with a room full of balloons when she wakes up on her special day. It's a simple yet effective way to start the day off with a smile.
  4. Special breakfast plate: Make a special breakfast for your little girl on her birthday. You can prepare her favorite breakfast or make pancakes in the shape of her age or celebrate her with a birthday plate! 
  5. Birthday cake: No birthday is complete without a cake. You can make it a tradition to bake a cake together every year, order a special cake that your little girl has been dreaming of and blow out birthday candles by making a special wish every year.  
  6. Family time: Make sure to spend quality family time on your little girl's birthday. You can play games, watch movies, or have a family picnic on their birthdays.
  7. Birthday wish list: Ask your little girl to make a birthday wish list every year. It's a fun way to get to know her better and to make sure that she gets something she really wants.
  8. Birthday crown: Make a birthday crown for your little girl every year. It's a cute and fun tradition that will make her feel like a princess.  Even when she gets older it's a simple way to make her smile.
  9. Birthday Email: Send her a special birthday message/email where you can write her special messages and wishes for your little girl. It's a beautiful keepsake that she can look back on in the future.
  10. Birthday outing: Plan a special outing on your little girl's birthday. It can be a trip to the zoo, a visit to the amusement park, or a day at the beach.  It can be her favorite place.

In conclusion, creating traditions for celebrating birthdays for little girls is a beautiful way to make the day extra special. Whether it's dressing up in Belle Threads , taking photos, or spending quality family time, these traditions will create memories that will last a lifetime.  Belle Threads birthday dresses are memorable and we hope you choose a Belle Threads birthday dress for her special day!

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