Boo! Halloween Is Coming

Part of the magic of childhood is playing dress up, and the ultimate dress up party is Halloween! It's one whole day where children get to play pretend and make believe that they are whoever they want to be, and to top it all off, they get candy! No wonder they love it?!

Whether you've started thinking about costume choices or not, chances are you've definitely heard the kiddos mention what they want to be this year. Here are some Halloween ideas for your little ones and the family this fall: 

Disney Classics - Minnie Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, and a Dalmation! We remember all of the classic Disney movies and characters that we love (even though our kiddos do not). Play them the original movies and they'll fall in love with them as well, then surely want to play dress up as these timeless characters. We have all of the above characters in our shop and more! 

Bumble Bee - Dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee! This would make your little one the cutest insect she could bee! Make it a family affair by having mom and dad dress up as beekeepers! 

Dorothy - The Wizard of Oz is a family favorite! Who hasn't clicked their heels, closed their eyes, and said "There's no place like home!" Have everyone in the family dress up as a favorite character along with your Dorothy (even the family pet can join in)! 

Lil Red Riding Hood and Sparkly Wolf - The perfect pair! If you have a set of two little girls at home (cousins or besties work, too), this is a pick for you! Lil Red Riding Hood and the Sparkly Wolf are equally adorable and would be the hit at any Halloween party! 

Unique Outfits - Stand out at the Halloween Parade by dressing up as any one of these: a Circus Ringmaster, Brown Bear, or a Cowgirl. All of these have the added perk that you can get super creative by dressing up as a family or with fun props

All Time Favorites: Every girl loves to be a princess. There is something about a crown and a tutu that gets them every time. Then there are the magical creatures that are the essence of Halloween: mermaids, unicorns, and witches, oh my! 

What will you all be dressing up as this Halloween? 

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