How to Plan the Best Valentine’s Day Photo Session

When it comes to planning the sweet Valentine’s Day photos of your girls this year - there’s a few things to keep in mind so your love is in the air photo session is a fun and successful one. These 5 tips are geared towards both the photographer and the families planning their photo sessions.

How to Plan the Best Valentine's Day Photo Session with Fancy Girl Tutu Dresses from Belle Threads

1. Choose your Location

Maybe it’s inside your own house, outside at a park, or in a bakery with your little one(s) enjoying a heart themed treat. There’s also many photo studios that offer mini photo sessions. Whichever location you choose, you want to be sure it’s available for photo taking (if outside your home) and arrive with some time to spare so you’re not feeling any stress.

2. Get Fancy

Now is the time for the fun part - choosing your wardrobe for the Valentine’s Day photos. Here at Belle Threads, we are all about bringing the fancy style to girls and our Valentine Dress Collection is one you won’t want to miss. We have so many pretty leotards with reversible sequins, tutu dresses and rompers to choose from. There’s our long sleeve heart leotards that pair perfectly with our tutu skirts and then we even have our Sequin Heart Tutu Rompers. Come on over and choose your favorite Valentine’s Day Outfit for your girl(s).

3. Add Fun Decor

It’s always fun to add some festive heart themed decorations to the backdrop of your holiday photos. Tassel garlands, hanging paper hearts and heart wands are all great accessory choices. And, those popular letter boards are always fun as you can customize the wording and maybe even include a year to remember the date of the photo. There's even the marquee letters too with either words or the initials of your girl(s) name(s). And, don't forget about balloons - they always add color and fun to photos. And, of course, you can never go wrong with your girl holding a sweet stuffed animal.

Want to add even more festive fun to your photos? Why not have your girl(s) toss confetti and capture the moment when the confetti is in the air and they are smiling away?

4. Accessorize

Now, it’s time to accessorize your fancy Belle Threads dress for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you like the princess style with a little crown atop the girls hair or you prefer a pretty floral crown in pink and red. Either way - it’s always fun to add a little something special to the hair and of course, one can never go wrong with a faux pearl necklace. And, don’t forget the shoes - you can go fancy with sparkly red glitter shoes or even red sneakers for the girl that loves to dress up and have lots of fun.

5. Smile

Lastly, the most important part of your girl(s) Valentine’s Day photo will be to smile big and have a fantastic time getting all glam and festive for the season of love.

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