8 Fun Activities To Do With Your Tween Girl To Celebrate Her Birthday

Celebrating your tween girl's birthday is a special moment that requires some fun activities to make it memorable. Here are eight fun activities to do with your tween girl to celebrate her birthday and make her feel special:

  1. Dress-up party: Have your daughter invite her friends to a dress-up party. Ask them to dress up in their favorite outfits and take pictures together.   We suggest buying an outfit from the NEW Belle Threads Tween Collection HERE
  2. DIY craft party: Set up a DIY craft party where your daughter and her friends can make their own jewelry, hair accessories, or decorate their own t-shirts.
  3. Spa day: Treat your daughter and her friends to a spa day. Set up a mini spa with nail polish, face masks, and foot baths.
  4. Outdoor adventure: Plan an outdoor adventure with your daughter and her friends. Go on a hike, have a picnic, or go to the beach.
  5. Movie night: Set up a movie night with your daughter and her friends. Have them pick out their favorite movies and set up a snack bar.
  6. Karaoke party: Set up a karaoke machine and have your daughter and her friends sing their favorite songs.
  7. Scavenger hunt: Plan a scavenger hunt for your daughter and her friends. Hide clues around the house or backyard leading to the final prize.
  8. Cooking party: Have your daughter and her friends make their own pizzas or cupcakes. Set up a cooking station with all the ingredients and let them get creative.

By celebrating your daughter's birthday with these fun activities, you'll create special memories that she'll cherish forever. And don't forget to check out our tween collection for the perfect birthday dress!

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