Tips for a Happy Flower Girl


Flower girls have a lot to think about! They have to be effortlessly adorable, while being calm at a very important moment in the ceremony. So how do they do this? Here are some things to keep in mind for the flower girl’s big day. 

Go before the ceremony

It is very important that the flower girl not need a potty break in the middle of the festivities. Make sure mom, grandma, or another family member is responsible for knowing that the flower girl tinkles before the moment down the aisle comes.  


Snack Time

A cranky toddler or little girl is definitely not a happy one! Before the ceremony, when all of the bridesmaids are enjoying champagne and hor d’oeuvres, the flower girl should be snacking, too.  Just remember to keep any food away from the dress, or have her eat before she has her gown on! 


Comfort over everything

Before their debut, the dress has got to fit perfectly. You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable, itchy, hot, or anything that may get in the way of them enjoying their time to shine. Also, make sure to try on any headpiece she may wear, like a crown or head band, if they are not use to wearing one regularly. 


Practice makes perfect

To avoid nerves, practice walking. Use any props that may be used, whether it’s a basket with flowers, petals, a corsage, or a pomander, the flower girl should be familiar with it before using it at the ceremony. 


Above all, you want the flower girl to have fun and enjoy! Make sure to get lots of pictures of her soaking up the attention as one of the most special guests at the wedding! 



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