Boys are typically the ones that love super heroes. Batman, SuperMan, Ninja Turtles, you name them! They are all strong and have special powers, teaching little boys that they can do anything! 

But if this summer's Wonder Woman didn't show that little girls can be super heroes, too, nothing will! 

Girl power is stronger now than ever, and this new generation of young ladies can now also join in on the fun. Whether it be for Halloween, a costume or birthday party, here are a few of our Super Hero Dresses and Tutus that will wow a crowd. 

Wonder Woman 

Fearless and proud! This wonder girl outfit will make pretend play fun as well as fierce! 


Super Girl -

What better title than Super Girl to teach your little girl that she can do anything she puts her mind to? This outfit, alone with all of the super hero tutu sets come with a cape! 

Batman and Robin 

If you have two little girls in your life, this is a great power duo costume! The embellished symbols on the bodice also have a sparkly belt to match. 

Let's teach our little girls that being themselves and following their dreams is most definitely their super power! 


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