DIY Photography Series: Tackling Newborn Photography

DIY Photography Series
Chapter 1: Newborn Photography 

Moms giving birth right now are worried about so much.  We wanted to help ease your mind about at least one important milestone, Newborn Photos. While newborn photography is a skill photographers have taken years to perfect, there are so many ways you can DIY your own photo shoot at home.  We don't want you to miss this most important time in your little ones life during these tough times. 

Tannia Ospina, Founder & Designer of Belle Threads just gave birth to her third child, a beautiful baby girl Rosalia in April.  She took her own Newborn Photos at home of her new babe Rosalia as you can see below. She has some excellent tips to share along with some of our Photographer friends to help your Newborn Photo Session go as smoothly as possible. 

Essential Checklist: What you'll need for your newborn photo shoot at home:

  • Cute baby ✔️
  • Faux fur blanket or any nice stretchy blanket ✔️
  • Cute Newborn Outfit from Belle Threads✔️
  • Window and bean bag ✔️
  • Small towel to prop up baby's head under blanket. ✔️


I would call this one a success! If Tannia can do it you can too! Let's take a look at some tips from our Photographer friends to make the most of your time and get the best shots possible. 


Baby's First Photoshoot Outfit

As important as these photos are you definitely have to think about what you want baby to wear during their session. 

We have so many amazing options for you to choose from for baby from rompers to prop wraps, tiny baby crowns and so much more. 

Shop for your perfect newborn outfit HERE. 

Photographer Tips & Tricks 

Here are some tips from Angie Diaz-Lopez - Photographer


What time of day should I take the photos? 
Early morning or sundown. Lighting is everything if the natural lighting is too bright you can put up a sheet sheet to filter the sun light more.

Any tips you would give to a beginner for newborn photography?
Make sure the baby is happy and fed so they can sleep. Babies feed off your energy so if you’re nervous they will feel it try and be calm, relax and rested too.
What should I know before I start?
You should be prepared with a flow so you can transition baby easily to the next set up. If you plan to shoot more than one outfit with different props have them really close by ready to change baby in a moments notice.  You should definitely practice wrapping.. wrapping is key to getting a baby cozy and asleep. 

Any tips on editing photos when we are finished? 
I definitely recommend editing the exposure. There are many apps to use for smoothing the skin such as Photoshop or Facetune.  You can also change the angle to the image so the baby is more slanted.  Don't forget to sharpen the details and make the pop the colors out.


Here are a few more tips from Photographer and Blogger Jenny Gerson

Our Life in Rose Gold

What should I invest in for this shoot?
If you can buy an external flash to create bright light for rooms that are not well lit. 

What type of lighting do you recommend?

Natural lighting is your best friend even when you use your cell phone.  If you are shooting indoors without a fancy camera, lay baby on a lounger or in a cot or bassinet right below or by a window with the shades pulled back. 

What is the best time of day to photograph newborns?

The best time of day is mid morning or whatever hour of the day that natural sunlight streams through the windows in your chosen room.  If weather permits you can also attempt newborn photos outside under the shade of a tree. Just remember delicate newborn eyes and skin can’t take citronella, bright sun, and the threat of bugs, so choose your location and timing wisely and be prepared to peace out if it’s not working and Babe gets fussy.

Will this take a long time?
Just remember it can take up to 50 shots to get that perfect one. Keep trying different things, move around, move Baby around, and make it fun!

Anything you wish you knew before you attempted your shoot?
Not all babies will sleep through a photo shoot! Be prepared with soft blankets and sweet props that allow a cute photo without the newborn sleepiness. I shot a 36-weeker recently who did not close his eyes ONCE the entire time. I had to scrap my “baby sleeping on a mini bed” idea and instead we got Mom involved to make eye contact and have him looking at someone familiar so he wouldn’t freak out and cry.

Any editing tips you can share?
Invest in Lightroom app and presets that suit your style. Avoid over editing and applying crazy filters to try and emulate someone else’s work. Try black and white and bump up contrast for classic framers. Do NOT change the baby’s eye color or do outlandish edits.  


Here's some extra information on how to swaddle baby: 



I have included a link with a Step-by-Step on exactly how to wrap baby for photography.

One thing is for sure during this pandemic, life will go on. Babies will be born and we will continue to celebrate that joy of new life! It is such a special moment of time and these photos will truly bring joy to everyone who views them.

We sincerely hope all of these tips & tricks help during your Newborn Photography Session. Please let us know what tips helped the most and if you have any tips to share please comment them below. 

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