How to choose a newborn & maternity photographer 

Congratulations Mama! You are planning a newborn or maternity photoshoot right now and that is so exciting. 
Here are some tips you can use to secure an awesome photographer that will fit your needs. 
- tips about when to book 28-32
- what to look for in photographers
- styling 
- ask friends/people/facebook groups for recommendations 
- look a t their social media accounts / watch their stories 
- ask  photographer questions 
- look  at their  work... do they post the same types of  photos or do they  have a nice variety which means a lot of creativity 
-  does their work speak t o you??
Are there a variety of mamas with different body types and do they look great? Are the images sharp, properly exposed with good lighting and framed well?
I loved that Angie had a lot of different work /photos  in her gallery.  Every maternity photo did not look the same.  I knew we would have fun!  Here is a look at the different looks from my maternity photo shoot.

I highly recommend professional makeup and hair. Not only will this make your photographer’s work easier, you will feel beautiful and confident at your session. However if it’s not in the budget, your going-out-on-a-hot-date makeup and hair is fine too. Neutral looking fake lashes can really flatter your eyes.
2. choose location:  outdoor, studio or at your home.  
Home lighting might not be great but you will  have images that are cozy etc.  Studio great for maximum control of shoot.  Outdoor photography  using  nature's beautiful backdrop.  

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