How to DIY your child's Valentine's Day Photoshoot

At Belle Threads we sell lots of holiday and special celebration outfits. Moms are always wondering how to take their photoshoots for these beautiful outfits to the next level. 

We have compiled for you 5 tips from Momtographers like you to help you for this seasons biggest photoshoot need:  Valentine's Day. 

  • Tip 1. Props are great!
  • Tip 2. Sleeping beauty
  • Tip 3. Sibling sweetness
  • Tip 4. Sitting pretty
  • Tip 5. Let the backdrop do all the work 

Find our backdrops for moms and photographers on our website HERE. 

Find some of our Valentine's Day Dresses HERE, you still have time to have it delivered before the holiday. 


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