How to DIY your own Kid's Photo Shoot!

We know photo sessions can get expensive so we wanted to give you some tips on how to DIY your own photo shoot!  Of course you need a model, adorable clothing (Belle Threads of course) and a good camera!  We asked one of our brand rep moms to answer some key questions on how to DIY YOUR OWN PHOTO SHOOT!

Where do you get your photo shoot inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from the wonderful brands we work with like Belle Threads!  First, I look at the pieces, color schemes, and themes of the clothing I have.  I find that online and local craft stores can give you plenty of ideas.  For example, the birthday scheme from a birthday card could be inspiration!  You want to make sure your themes/colors don’t take away too much from what you are trying to represent so don't lose focus of what you are capturing.
What's your decorating style?
I love simplicity because less is always more. I look for simple pieces that will not take too much away from the garment.  I tend not to use cartoonish décor in our shoots. You want to be very versatile and depending on what style you like or if you are shooting for a brand, base it on their style too.
You can also use pinterest boards like Belle Threads on pinterest for inspiration!
Where/When do you purchase props for shoots?!
I typically gather my items, depending how much time I have, at least two weeks in advance.  A lot of local craft stores, and even Target put out holiday décor way in advance. There are lots of handmade shops on Instagram and Etsy you can find adorable props to purchase from as well.  It's important to note that with time and creativity you can achieve a gorgeous shoot.  I find so many small and big props from the dollar section at Target. I will splurge on a more expensive prop if I know I will get use it more than once. Once I have everything in order, I set everything up a day before the shoot. I move things around several times, until I achieve my desired look.
What are your favorite items:
Banners and tassel garlands might be my favorite props to use.  Another favorite are balloons because they are easy and cheap. If you are shooting with kids, you can really captivate their smiles and natural expressions because they will be so intrigued by the balloons. I love anything I know I can use as a distraction and will not take away from our photoshoot.

Do you have any more general advice:
Make your shoots fun!  Don’t go overboard with props. Try to remember and focus on what you are trying to capture. Budget and dedicate time to your creativity. It will all come to place if you keep all this in mind.  


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